Call of Duty Mobile “restarts” from Season 1, with the arrival of a new battle royale and Zombies mod

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C.all of Duty: Mobile is preparing to welcome a new seasonal event, which will make the popular mobile game from Tencent and Activision “start over”.

If Season 14 should have arrived in a few days, this has instead been replaced by a new name, and will be called Season 1: New Order.

On balance, you shouldn’t worry about your progress in the game. The resetting of the numbering of seasonal events is probably just a formality desired by Activision, perhaps also to adapt to the wording of Season 1 currently underway also on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

During the next week, when the new event starts, we will also have all the details on this Season 1 of COD Mobile, but in the meantime, through the social channels of the game we can take a first look at the news.

New Order will bring with it many new contents, among which also a new Battle Royale mode called Blitz, presented via a short gameplay teaser you see below. The mode will be characterized by smaller areas, less time available and above all a lot more action, for an enormously more frenetic BR than before.

In addition to the classic news such as weapons, skins and maps, it seems that Season 1 will mark the return of a Zombies mode on Call of Duty Mobile.

As reported by CharlieIntelin fact some references to a called mode have been found in the game files Attack of the Undead, of which we also have a first description. In this timed mode, the zombies (played by the players) attempt to eliminate the team of survivors, which in turn has a starting equipment but can be improved. A sort of Infected mode, if you want to say so, modified for the occasion. At the start of the game, two users will be randomly selected in the lobby, who will become the survivors.

As we told you, already in the next few hours more full-bodied details could arrive about the new contents of Season 1. Of course we will keep you updated.

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