Call of Duty: Mobile, the details on the Season 1 New Order and the Zombies mode

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As we had already reported to you a few days ago, the new season of Call of Duty Mobile, “New Order”, was launched today and introduces a series of unpublished content. With the new seasonal event, Activision has also decided to reset the numbering of updates, which start from the wording of Season 1.

The future has arrived, Season 1: New Order of Call of Duty: Mobile starts today. Season 1 kicks off 2021 with new cyber content, a new multiplayer map created specifically for Call of Duty: Mobilea new 40-player Battle Royale mode, a new Battle Pass with 50 free levels, incredible rewards and so much more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1: New Order is available from January 27th at 1:00 am on both Android and iOS.

Among the new contents we obviously find the Battle Pass of Season 1, which allows you to unlock the FR weapon for free. 556 (level 21), a three-shot burst assault rifle. Other free unlockable equipment items include the Gravity Vortex Gun Operator Skill (level 14), the Flashbang Light Show grenade (level 28) and the Light Show Stun Grenade (level 34).

From the pages of the Activision blog also comes information on Reclaim, the unpublished multiplayer map included among the news of Season 1 of COD Mobile:

Fight in the remains of the ruined shopping complex of Reclaim, a new original map added to the Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer rotation.
Stay among the shops downstairs to fight in the streets, or climb up to take advantage of the greater height if you’re willing to risk ambushes. Check out our article on Reclaim here for an in-depth look at the new map, complete with tips and strategies for outsmarting the enemy.

Here are the main contents introduced:

  • New original multiplayer map – Recover
  • New characters – New Order themed characters will be revealed at the launch of the Season
  • New Battle Royale mode – Blitz (40 players)
    Blitz is an even more intense new variant of Battle Royale, with 40 players engaged in a fast-paced game. The final safe zone forms after just over ten minutes, so always stay alert and on the move – danger always looms.
  • New Operator skill – Gravity Vortex Gun
  • New BR class – Desperado
  • Two new functional weapons: assault rifle – FR .556, marksman rifle – SKS
  • New multiplayer modes: 3v3 clash, 20-player Attack of the Undead
    New Order expands two popular modes into even more chaotic variants with the addition of 3v3 Clash and Attack of the Undead to 20 players. In Clash, the presence of a third companion creates tons of new winning tactical possibilities, while the 20 players of Attack of the Undead force you to give your best to be able to repel the horde.
  • Season 1: New Order Battle Pass – New characters, weapons, items and more
  • Marquee Event – Fight for Humanity
  • New seasonal challenges
  • New merchandise now available in the shop
  • Various UI updates, weapon stabilization and gameplay optimization

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