Call of Duty streamer mistakenly cheats and gets banned

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New episode of the column “Stupid things and where to find them”this time directly from the world of Twitch.

The celebrated streamers of Call of Duty: Warzone MrGolds he found himself a few days ago in the middle of a rather embarrassing situation. In the middle of a live on Twitch, while he was entertaining his audience of almost 1800 viewers by boasting of his innate skill on the popular battle royale of Activision, he made a big mess: by mistake, MrGolds it showed on his desktop a cheat engine used in Warzone. Result: everyone came to know that the streamer was using online cheats.

The shocking moment came while MrGolds was waiting in a Warzone lobby, and was then shared by other Twitch users who made fun of the poor (?) streamer, who is actually, of course, in the wrong.

The window of EngineOwning, the software used for cheats, is clearly visible on the desktop, in the clip you see just below. For the uninitiated, EngineOwning promises “high-quality cheats” for a variety of games including Modern Warfare and Warzone: “We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to win and enjoy online matches”says the EngineOwning website. In short, a tremendous joke for all the other players.

MrGolds he tried to justify himself on several occasions, stating that on that occasion he was not using cheats – so in the previous days yes? – And she even tried to use new cameras to film herself during subsequent live streams in order to show her innocence.

All solved then, thanks to these moves? Absolutely not.

Despite his plea of ​​innocence, Twitch has decided to move against the streamer in question, whose channel has been cancelled. The Twitch community guidelines, moreover, are clear: cheating in online activities is prohibited, ranging from fraud, hacking and other crimes to hacking and the use of cheats.

However, the streamer’s ban from the platform may not be permanent, as Twitch has not yet released information on the matter. Temporary suspension to educate, or unscrupulous definitive ban?

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