Call of Duty: Warzone – After a few hours, Raven has already removed the armored tanks for an issue

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Various new content has made its way into the world of Warzone with the launch of the Season 4 happened a few days ago, including adding weapons like MG 82 LMG and the rifle C58.

One of the biggest additions the new season brought to Warzone was the armored trucks which players can obtain by visiting one of the new crash satellite locations that spawned randomly on Verdansk ’84. Or rather, they could get it, as Raven Software opted to remove the new media only hours after introducing them.

The software house has in fact discovered that the powerful armored trucks were causing a technical problem in Warzone, choosing to exclude them from the battle royale until a solution to this problem is discovered.

This glitch caused by Warzone’s armored trucks is no small feat, as it comes to a bug which made some players invisiblewhich had already caused community members a lot of frustration on the first day of the season 4 by Warzone.

Raven Software announced on Twitter that it has removed the armored trucks from Warzone for the time being, and that it is working to solve the problem of invisibility arising from players using the new vehicle.

The community, however, is not reacting particularly negatively to the removal of the vehicle, already harshly criticized for the considerable power which, according to many, creates an important imbalance.

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