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Call of Duty: Warzone has been an inexhaustible source of leaks in recent days, and insiders have long been saying that a new map for the battle royale is on the way. But which?

In recent days, thanks to the sensational video leak of the 1980s Verdansk already removed by Activision for copyright (and which even cost the suspension of a journalist who had re-shared it), the leakers are back in action and have suggested a well-rounded perspective. different from the previous one.

Also ModernWarzonerepeatedly reliable insider in recent times on Call of Duty, says that Activision has decided to suspend or even cancel the repeatedly rumored Ural Mountains map from Black Ops Cold War to Warzone, to make way for a revisited version of Verdansk themed 80s that we have already glimpsed in the video mentioned above.

What is happening, exactly, we do not know, but it is also true that there are just a few days left before what will be the reveal of the new setting, whose release is increasingly safe and scheduled for the second half of April, in conjunction with the Season 3.

The doubts, however, remain, especially for today’s leak.

Another insider has posted a curious image footage (found below) of what would be the map of the war zone of the Ural Mountainsdeveloped on the basis of the maps created by Treyarch for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Although there is no certainty about the veracity of this map, it must also be specified that the area, which you can see below, is rich in detail, and on it we can see various names that we have already seen in Black Ops Cold War – among these the Sanatorium area, recently added to the Epidemic mode.

The new map also has other points of interest, including some previously leaked such as the Zoo. Here is a list of all points of interest visible in the footage map:

  • Battery
  • Sanatorium
  • Zoo
  • Ski Slopes
  • Weather Station
  • Chemical Labs
  • Mines
  • Buga
  • Ruka

The image is however very blurry, and the names we have given you could be wrong, and in any case the doubts about the veracity of the photo remain. In any case, as you can see it is an extremely detailed map, and which would range in what are the already known settings of Black Ops Cold War on a large scale, interconnected to form a much larger area – exactly as happened. last year with Verdansk, in turn the result of the collage between the Terrestrial War maps of Modern Warfare.

Will it be true or will it be false? We’ll probably know in about two weeks as we approach Warzone Season 3.

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