Call of Duty: Warzone – Nuclear warheads start to explode, but this is a bug

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The fact that it will be there at the end of the month a nuclear event on Verdansk it now seems the secret of Pulcinella, and what we report today is yet another confirmation of it.

The insiders of Call of Duty: Warzone suggest that with the conclusion of Season 2 there will also be a major nuclear event on Verdansk, which will disrupt the map and bring the battle royale to the theme of the 80s for the deeper integration with Black Ops Cold War.

True, we still don’t know what exactly will happen, just as we don’t know what the next map will be. In recent days, the rumor that Raven has canceled the map of the Ural Mountains, previously planned for Warzone, has taken off, to replace it with something quite different. We told you about it here.

Pending official information, however, it seems that something is already happening over the skies of Verdansk… Even if it’s too early.

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Various players have in fact reported their testimony with some videos, in which we can see that nuclear warheads have already started hitting the battlefield just now by Call of Duty: Warzone.

The nuclear apocalypse, however, is still far away: as you can see from the video shared by ModernWarzonethe missiles simply hit the ground without anything happening, with the atomic warhead simply touching the ground and dissolving.

This is precisely why many users begin to suspect that the increasingly frequent sightings of nuclear warheads are actually a bug that Raven let slip, and that gave us a first taste of what will happen at the end of Season 2 of Warzone. .

On Redditfor example, the user AmedeeO10 posted similar footage of the multiple rocket launches and suggested that the glitch may be unique to the King Slayer Trios playlist.

In short, confirmations continue to arrive, this time almost direct, of the increasingly imminent event on Call of Duty: Warzone.

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