Call of Duty Warzone, prayers accepted: the nerf of four devastating weapons is coming

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Via a Twitter post a few hours ago, Raven announces that on Call of Duty: Warzone three weapons will soon be nerfed that they have been discussing for weeks.

In the end, the community was right and won: the co-developers of Black Ops Cold Warwhich also deal with the integration of game content with Activision’s Battle royale, have succumbed in the face of numerous requests from playerswhich resulted in mass protests in the last period.

As you can see from the tweet you find below, Raven has indeed reassured all Warzone players, eager to hear this news: important changes will soon be implemented to nerfare three particular weapons, namely the DMR 14 tactical rifle, MAC 10 submachine gun, Type 63 rifle and Diamatti pistols.

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The DMR 14 rifle in particular has been the most criticized of the various weapons, especially for its devastating effects on Warzone. Boasting high firepower and impressive rate for a semi-auto rifle, the DMR 14 has become the most used weapon within battle royale in recent weeks, on par with the other two aforementioned weapons that have turned out being excessively unbalanced. The MAC 10 submachine gun, however, is also criticized for the multiplayer of Black Ops Cold War.

A decision that seemed inevitable, as we have reported in the various posts disseminated by players in which there was an excessive imbalance between the weapons of Warzone prior to the update and the new guns introduced on the occasion of season 1 of Black Ops Cold War.

As we said, weapon nerf is in demand, particularly with regards to the MAC 10, even by Black Ops Cold War players. Will Raven also work in this regard? Absolutely not: replying to his own tweet, the software house has specified that the changes will only concern the Call of Duty: Warzone experience.

As for Black Ops Cold War, in short, everything remains unchanged as before.

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