Call of Duty: Warzone – The first teasers from Activision announce the end of Verdansk!

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After months and months of rumor, it now seems official: Verdansk is nearing its endand Activision itself shares with the community the first teasers of the event that will shock Warzone!

The official Twitter account of Call of Duty, which for some days also has a curious zombie-themed emoji in the name, reveals that on April 21 the battle royale will be the protagonist of a still mysterious event – in all probability, the famous rain of nuclear missiles already spotted in recent days due to a bug.

The date is certainly not accidental, because it will also be the final day for Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone itself.

The tweet is accompanied by the simple caption

The end is near…

It doesn’t end there, because yesterday some Call of Duty content creators started receiving some special gifts from the developers.

Joe “MerK” DeLuca, COD League caster, has in fact published the photo of the package received yesterday, which includes what appear to be important clues as to what will happen in the upcoming event – exactly one week away.

In the tweet, MerK showed off a special helmet, which features the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone logos on one side. On the other side, however, we find a yellow warning sign with a gas mask located above the phrase “Verdansk Dam”.

The package also includes a message, which reads: “Once the hostiles arrive here, we assume that Verdansk is now controlled by the damned. April 21 at 12:00 “.

This not only gives us the location and date of the event, confirmed once again after Activision’s tweet, but again indicates that the Zombies, who invaded Verdansk at the start of Season 2 with the crash of the ship, will have a key role in the unfolding of what will happen next week.

We are sure that new teasers from Activision, Treyarch and Raven will arrive in the coming days, so we warn you to keep your eyes peeled!

Call of Duty: Warzone – Check the image of the alleged new map!

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