Call of Duty: Warzone, the Season 5 event will change Verdansk again?

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A few months after the arrival of Verdansk in the 80s version, it looks like the main map of Call of Duty: Warzone is ready to change once again with the event scheduled for the Season 5.

As the hype continues to grow for Warzone Season 5, which will be available in a few days, new details have emerged about the upcoming event that will take place during the next season and which will be titled The Numbers.

HeyImAlaixtrusted leaker of call of Duty within the community, revealed that the Season 5 event may feature a modified version of Verdansk ’84, “Hit”, it is appropriate to say, by what will happen in the coming weeks. Here’s everything we know.

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HeyImAlaix revealed on Twitter that a game file for Warzone appears to be showing a possible modified version of Verdansk ’84 as a result of some explosions. The game file in question is called “explosion mp_don4_x2_explosion”, but it seems that it does not refer to the current version of the game map – itself “born” after the nuclear explosion that took place in the spring.

The leaker has split the filename to make it easier to understand. We find various codes, besides the obvious reference to an explosion, which are mp_don4, the name of the Warzone map current, and x2, the identification code for an event.

It is still early to say whether we will soon see one new evolution of Warzonebut we must also remember that the reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard is now very close as suggested by the same key art of Season 5, and that the game could be presented within the Battle Royale as already happened on the occasion of Black Ops Cold War.

We just have to wait for the arrival of Season 5 and the following weeks to know what Treyarch and Raven have in store.

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