Chris Avellone has been acquitted of harassment charges: he will be compensated

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2020 was undoubtedly a problematic year, but for Chris Avellone it represented real hell. After finishing the script work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the writer ended up in the hurricane of several allegations of harassment. At the time indeed Karissa Barrows on Twitter he reported having had unpleasant exchanges of messages with Avellone. Following this utterance, he then also added Kelly Bristolwho complained about the same “predatory” behavior of the creative.

Obviously the affair ended up totally isolating Avellone, both from a professional and personal point of view. The screenwriter then decided to file a lawsuit against these two acquaintances, collecting various material in support of his defense.

Well, in recent hours the final verdict of this unfortunate affair has finally arrived, which ended with the full acquittal of Chris Avellone and with seven-figure damages in his favor (apparently). In addition to this, Karissa Barrows and Kelly Bristol have issued a statement of apology to the writer. Here is a small excerpt:

Mr Avellone never sexually abused of either of us. It was not our intent to suggest what emerged on what we wrote or said previously about Mr. Avellone regarding these events. We wanted to support women in this industry and, in doing so, them our words have been misinterpreted to suggest specific allegations of misconduct that never happened. We believe Avellone deserves a full return to the industry.

Avellone later replied:

I appreciate Misses Barrows and Miss Bristol’s willingness to work with us to highlight these issues within the gaming community and the their commitment is to be supported. In the spirit of achieving these goals, I would like to ask everyone to respect the privacy of Barrows and Bristol and use this opportunity to hear all voices so we can improve our culture and communities.

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