COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies: new details on Outbreak mode

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Just two weeks after the release of Firebase Zthe new brand new zombie map set in Vietnam, Treyarchthrough its official channels has already published some teasers of what we will see shortly in the Zombies mode.

[Rumor] Black Ops Cold War, an open world Zombies mode called Outbreak is coming

But let’s get straight to the gist of the matter. There are two tweets that have inflamed the community in the last few hours and that have confirmed that the next destination, for the Requiem Group, will be in Russia and, more precisely, in the Ural Mountains. For the moment, all we know about this map is that this site was one of the first to open after activating the Endstation Project in Die Maschine. In particular, several breaches have opened, forming one of enormous proportions that will, in all likelihood, be the object of the new modality coming up mentioned above. In one of the two messages published by Treyarchwe clearly read the reference to a blackboard in Firebase Z where we find written not only all the information above, but also the text of the tweet itself that you can read below.

Another interesting teaser is the photo of the largest Aether crystal, as confirmed by Strauss to Weaver. These enormous crystals seem to be able to transform the atmosphere around them and to have the possibility of modifying the morphology of the surrounding area. The real world and the Dark Aether are coming into contact more and more and the effects of all this we will only see them when the open world mode is released.

This is all we can tell you about it, with the addition that it is not, at least for now, the DLC 2 of Black Ops Cold War. Many rumors report how this could be a teaser for a possible remake of Kino der Toten and if on the one hand we know that a map set in Berlin is planned for the future of the zombie mode, on the other hand it is highly unlikely to see it in the short term, given (especially) the apparently imminent launch of Outbreak. In this regard, we still do not have detailed information on this, on Reddit only a few screenshots of the companion app appeared but nothing really concrete, as usual we invite you to stay tuned with us for all the updates.

We also remind you that we are always in the presence of leaks and therefore there is still no official news about anything.

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