COD BOCW Zombies: outbreak stability issues reported

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Not even time to enjoy the new mode Epidemic that several general game stability issues have already been reported. Before starting to talk about it, if you have not yet had the opportunity to play this new mode, you can click below to know exactly what it is and the other news that have been added in Season 2.

[Guida] COD BOCW Zombies | How Epidemic Mode and Specialty Upgrades Work

Treyarch was heard already this morning, a few hours after the release of the update to declare how several users had reported many stability problems related to the Epidemic mode. The object of these problems are, in particular, the two versions of the infernal dogs, the fiery one and the toxic one (the Scourges already present in Die Maschine) but also the objectives and the machine of challenges. Still other problems, however, concern the usual annoying crashes that insistently affect the final part of the game, specifically the entrance to the third and last step of the mode, and some visual bugs that make the textures of zombies and elite enemies in general all polygonal and buggy.

The development team has already set to work to try to remedy these shortcomings and we expect a fix as soon as possible so that everyone can benefit in the best way from this new experience.

Have you already tried it? What do you think ?

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