COD Warzone – A leak shows the entire map of the Ural Mountains, mechanics similar to Blackout

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A group of leakers of call of Duty called The CheeseBurger Boys has released videos of the complete map of Ural Mountains Of Warzonepreviously in testing and then abandoned by the development team.

After Warzone’s Verdansk was created from Ground War maps, it was theorized that the Ural Mountains would be Warzone’s new map after Cold War was integrated. Treyarch, following what Infinity Ward did, actually had plans to unify his expansive maps to create an original setting for Warzone, but things didn’t turn out as planned.

These theories were in fact denied after the closing event of Season 2 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War (the atomic explosion), with the birth of the 1984 version of Verdansk.

In reality, however, the Ural Mountains map was actually in development, and it appears that it was a sort of “plan B” for Activision just in case Warzone didn’t have the success it hoped for. Treyarch’s work, which had already begun with Blackout on Black Ops 4, would have been part of a kind of new battle royale mode. Surprisingly, the leakers of CoD The CheeseBurger Boys revealed what the full map would look like with a long video – already had Activision removed.

The video, which showed the controlled character in a large area that included the Zoo and Duga areas (the Ural Mountains would have had the Fireteam and Epidemic maps, Black Ops Cold War’s open world Zombies mode as its probable basis), also provided a quick look at the game mechanics, some of them different from Warzone.

News of this kind confirms once again that the Ural Mountains map would become a kind of Blackout 2a new battle royale experience created by Treyarch based on the one already experienced in 2018 on the occasion of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Even the menu of items, to be honest, seemed to confirm the theory of a reworking of Blackout, departing from the Warzone system.

As mentioned, the video has already been copyrighted by Activision, and we also have no certainty that this map of the Ural Mountains will sooner or later be released.

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