COD Warzone team sets a new record, 143 kills in one game

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A new company in that of Call of Duty: Warzonethe popular Activision battle royale that for better or for worse always manages to get a lot of talk about itself.

This time the news concerns the achievement of a team of players who managed to break the already incredible previous record of 138 kills in a game on Warzone, reaching the quota of 143 kill.

The group, made up of the players TheMylesLive, JerK, ScummN And Stukawaki – if there was a need to specify it, the record was signed in the Quartet mode, therefore with teams made up of 4 players – he signed this new surprising result on 11 January 2021. With this result the previous record set by Vikkstar, Abezy, Cellium And Priestahh.

There is a detail not to forget, however, before explaining something more about the result: the record was made before the launch of the patch with the second nerf of some particular Warzone weapons.

The team armed itself with DMR 14 and MAC-10arguably the two strongest weapons in battle royale until a few days ago, and has managed to mow down any player unfortunate enough to be in the path of their carnage.

The player Stukawakiin particular, he managed to give his best, managing to eliminate 48 players alone.

Leaving aside the inevitable issues related to team loadouts, which will surely emerge, this record is definitely impressive and clearly shows the effects not only of a great individual skill but also of a fundamental harmony among the team members, which otherwise would never have been able to establish the result.

Below you can find the video of the incredible record. And you, have you managed to establish similar results on Warzone?

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