COD Warzone, the community has found a new pay-to-win blueprint (and obviously complains about it)

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After the famous case of the MAC-10 Galanteria, or Gallantry, the community of Call of Duty: Warzone has unearthed a new paid blueprint which offers advantages to those who decide to buy it. And, of course, the new controversies towards Activision’s battle royale were born.

The theme of the projects they discuss about Warzone unfortunately it is becoming regular. The controversy obviously arises from the pay-to-win nature of this mechanic, thanks to which players get benefits by purchasing particular projects by spending real money in bundles or Battle Passes – compared to the same weapons with the same accessories in their basic versions.

Let’s make a small clarification before continuing, remembering what happened with the MAC-10 Galanteria. Many of our readers, in the comments, stated that this project, included in the Battle Pass, could be purchased through the COD Points previously accumulated, therefore without spending real money. Objection that would also be logical, were it not that several seasons are needed to accumulate the COD Points necessary to purchase the BP; if not, you need to spend real money. Precisely for this reason we speak of pay-to-win mechanics.

And we come to today’s case, which at least this time is not about the Black Ops Cold War weapon designs – we remembered the MAC-10 Gallantry blueprint, but we also mention the Roze and Spirit of the Forest Grinch skins that characterized the game. in the last weeks.

The project accused of fueling pay-to-win mechanics concerns the HDR rifleone of the weapons of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The comparison between the two telescopic sights of the HDR rifle, in the “normal” version and in the form of the variant Oceanographer provided thanks to the blueprint, it quickly gives you a glimpse of what players have noticed, with a clear visual difference.

With the normal version of the weapon, players get a traditional view of their surroundings with everything around the sight obscured, focusing completely on the position being observed. The Oceanographer variant, on the other hand, is distinctly different: in addition to the central view, the viewfinder also allows you to have a clear view of the surrounding environment, offering a greater overview and allowing you to identify enemies that would otherwise be out of sight.

Since we had some talk about “pay to win” wepons with difference stats in the store, can we please talk about the HDR and the benefits it has with the CDL / Oceanographer blueprint? from CODWarzone

This is a problem of smaller proportions than others, as in the case of the Galanteria project of the MAC 10 submachine gun, but even in this case the players do not look favorably on this important difference between the basic version and the Oceanographer version.

It is likely that, as in the case of the Galanteria project, this is an unexpected event not calculated by the developers, and which will be solved in the course of the next updates. For the moment, however, no corrective patches have yet been announced to solve the problem.

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