COD Warzone – The Italian community in revolt, the hashtag #FIXWARZONEita in trends

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Threatening clouds over the skies of Verdanskbut this time it’s not a new event for Call of Duty: Warzone. This time it is in fact the entire Activision system that is being questioned, with a major revolt on social media that is expanding like wildfire even in our country.

You have long known streamers and influencers of COD Warzonethe battle royale from the extraordinary success released in March 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and recently revolutionized with the completely 80s themed Season 3, have lashed out at Activision and Raven for the lack of support against an unfortunately extremely extremely rampant: i cheater.

Since the game’s launch, cheats on Warzone have skyrocketed, reaching staggering numbers in the past few weeks. In fact, many streamers speak of the impossibility of being able to play battle royale, as they are systematically placed against incorrect players who use cheaters.

The “social revolt” then broke out in the last 24 hours, led by the well known POW3R and then re-shared by numerous other successful players and streamers.

Lhashtag #FIXWARZONEita quickly went into trending on Twitter and on other social networks in our country, and the requests of content creators and influencers are very understandable: POW3R and his colleagues are calling for a greater commitment from Activision to monitor the situation of Warzone, which has worsened to the point of becoming unsustainable for many.

Other famous streamers, as we said, later joined the movement.

Dario Ferracci, aka Moonrydefor example, adopted the handcam during Twitch broadcasts, to support the movement initiated by POW3R a few hours earlier.

In the last hours, then, POW3R he also lashed out directly at Raven for the alleged favoritism that the software house is adopting. The team, today at the helm of support for COD Warzone, is in fact accused of being too dependent on the so-called COD Partners, and of complying with their requests in a short time when other problems are constantly ignored.

The protest is continuing, and on Twitter, at the time of writing this news, there are almost 16,000 tweets that carry the hashtag #FIXWARZONEita. Will Activision make itself heard after the sea of ​​controversy?

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