CSGO: players boom on Steam after the announcement of the new chapter

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After a constant presence of rumors declaiming its existence, finally a few days ago the confirmation of the production of Counter Strike 2, coming this summer.

The project, which will be a free update of Counter Strike: Global Offensive for all players, it has obviously brought great enthusiasm to fans of the FPS title, to the point that, in the past few hours, it has recorded absolutely stellar numbers.

Steam in fact it reported a peak of one and a half million players connected at the same time on the Valve title, which itself set a record of 350,000 viewers on Twitch over the past twenty-four hours.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it has therefore returned to being one of the most popular games of the moment in a very short time, and the growth is destined to continue, considering the strategy of free use taken by Gabe Newell’s company.

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