Cyberpunk 2077, a mod allows you to have a relationship with Keanu Reeves

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Immediately after its release, many modders indulged in creating new content for the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077the new action RPG branded CD Projekt RED. Among the many mods available on Nexus Modsone allows you to having a romantic relationship with Keanu Reevesactor who in the title plays the role of Johnny Silverhand.

There modcreated by the user “Catmino“Allows in fact to swap and overwrite the polygonal models of the characters with which it is possible to start a romance (here the detail). But it does not end here because the modder has seen fit to be able to exchange the Reeves model with that of the joytoy. In this way you can go straight to the point, avoiding having to conquer the Canadian actor.

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At the time of writing, the mod is still plagued by several bugs. The Silverhand / Reeves model indeed remains dressed and beyond that, the rumors remain the same as the bodies being replaced. We are sure that in the coming days the user will fix these glitches, improving and making the mod more credible. Before concluding, we remind you that on you can consult the complete guide to the game.

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