Cyberpunk 2077, hotfix 1.11 available that fixes the 1.1 patch bug

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A few days ago CD Projekt RED has published the patch 1.1.the first of two major updates planned for this 2021. Unfortunately, the update in question has added a bug that broke the gamemaking it impossible to finish Down on the Streetsone of the main missions of the game.

For this reason the Polish team immediately ran for cover by publishing today thehotfix 1.11, designed to fix the bug that occurred with the recent update. In addition to this, the object randomization has been restored to its previous state. In short, as you can guess this is a simple corrective patch, which does not add major improvements to the game. Despite the further problems that have plagued the game these days, investors have nevertheless decided to trust CD Projekt RED considering that the shares have risen by 10%. Before concluding, we remind you that on you can consult the complete guide to the game.
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