Cyberpunk 2077 in the third person? It is possible, thanks to a new mod

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You are among those who have been “turned away” from Cyberpunk 2077 because of first person view? Know that the answer to your prayers is coming.

2020 has been a really busy year for CD Projekt Red’s new game, as we have told you in this long story. And even in 2020, as for some time now, many players have complained about the choice of the developers to use a first-person view for Cyberpunk 2077.

Well, know that an answer to this “problem” is on the way. At the moment the mod that we present here, created by Jelle Bakker and shown with a video that you can also find below, is still work-in-progress, so there are still some drawbacks that add up to the problems we already know of the game (you have read of the complaint received by CD Projekt Red?), but it is a preliminary proof that shows Cyberpunk 2077 played in third person view.

As we said, this is a mod, obviously for PC, which is still in the process of being worked on, and there are some drawbacks. The game was not in fact designed to be played in third person, and as you can see from the video there are some particular oddities related to the animations of the body and arms during the movements.

If you are interested, to install this mod you will need to install first Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks, which allows you to access the console and the debug menu. Then download the mod TPP (you can find it here) – there are different versions for male and female characters – and extract it to the folder Cyberpunk 2077 \ bin \ x64.

Will you try this particular mod for Cyberpunk 2077?

Thanks for reading!

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