Cyberpunk 2077, patch 1.1 adds a bug that breaks the game

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After the three updates in December CD Projekt RED has released the first of the updates scheduled for 2021. In particular, thehotfix 1.1available for just a day on consoles, PC and Google Stadia, greatly improves the stability of the game, eliminating many technical problems. However, it seems that Update 1.1 adds a bug that breaks the game, making it impossible to complete one of the main missions and, as a consequence, the entire storyline.. This is because the bug in question will not allow you to speak on the phone with Takemura before the mission Down on the Street. Incidentally, it seems that loading old saves does not help remove the bug once it has occurred. While waiting for a new hotfix you can try to perform the following steps in case you are among the unfortunate who have stumbled upon this annoying bug:

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  1. Load the save just before V and Takemura leave Wakako’s office;
  2. Let V and Takemura complete their dialogue right outside the office;
  3. Once the assignment has updated, run the time forward for 23 hours;
  4. After doing the previous steps you should be able to talk to Takemura by phone in order to unlock the main mission.

This, therefore, is the bug that in Cyberpunk 2077 is ruining the gaming experience for many players in these last hours. Before concluding, we remind you that on you will find the complete guide to the game.

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