David Jaffe talks about the announcement of a new PlayStation exclusive!

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David Jaffegame designer of the original God of War trilogy, recently posted a tweet stating that he was unaware of a new PlayStation exclusive not yet announced that it will do literally “Lose your head” to the players.

Despite this Jaffe said they don’t know when this exclusive will actually be announced, however there is good reason to believe the announcement will be made during the upcoming PlayStation Showcase to be held on September 9exactly three days from now.

This edition of the PlayStation Showcase will last approximately 40 minutesduring which the next ones will be shown in more detail PlayStation exclusivesand given the duration of the event it cannot be ruled out that the new mysterious exclusive that Jaffe talks about may also be announced.

Already in the previous days there had been several rumors about the event, and some even spoke of the possible announcement of a new chapter of inFAMOUS, one of the most popular PlayStation series. What if these rumors and David Jaffe’s statements coincide?

We just have to wait for the Sony event and find out for yourself, the fact is that now the hype for this PlayStation Showcase has reached the stars, moreover the event represents an excellent opportunity for redemption for Sony after a year of continuous waiting and postponements. Of course we will follow the event live, and we will bring you all the updates in real time!

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