Days Gone 2 would have had a shared online world, word of the ex-director

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They are busy days for PlayStation and above all for Sony Bend Studioat the center of an already famous report by Jason Schreier in which the journalist stated the lack of confirmation of a sequel for Days Gone.

Now, as we already said this morning in new news, Schreier’s report is not an incontrovertible confirmation of Sony’s future strategies – there is also talk of the remake of The Last of Us and a new Uncharted for PS5 – but in support of such news has already arrived some indirect confirmations, so to speak. Jess Rossformer director of Bend Studio, actually spoke of Days Gone 2 in the last few hours in an interview with David Jaffe, then hinting on social media that the game may actually have been canceled.

In the live streaming some particular details have also emerged on the Days Gone sequeland on what would have been one of its most significant components: the online mode.

Due to nondisclosure agreements, Ross can’t speak openly about Days Gone 2, and he can’t even confirm that the game has actually been canceled – the director has long since abandoned Sony Bend Studio. Ross did, however, unbutton some ideas the studio had for Days Gone 2, this obviously before the developer dropped his position.

The biggest surprise of the Days Gone sequel would have been the inclusion of a shared online world. Jess stated that Sony Bend had already planned online cooperation as one of the features of the first Days Gone, but that the studio’s inexperience forced the developers to fall back on the single player story alone.

According to Jess Ross, Days Gone 2’s multiplayer mode would have been based on players taking on the roles of various characters and they tried to survive in the world together. “[…] take this world you’ve built, and all these resources and systems, and reuse them for a kind of multiplayer version of this similarly themed universe. It would have been with guys like Deacon trying to survive, building a clubhouse or a team. I think it would be fun to be in that world cooperatively and see what the battles between hordes could be like “.

In short, ideas that would not have diverged from many other multiplayer survival titles, but which would have undoubtedly given greater depth to Days Gone 2.

Furthermore, Ross confirms one of the elements of Schreier’s report, which concerns the development costs of Days Gone: yes, Sony Bend has surpassed its initial budget, and by far. When construction began, the studio had 45 staff members, which had increased to 120 at the time of Days Gone’s launch.

Finally, the ex-director of the software house cannot comment on sales, as Sony has never released official statements on the matter and not even Ross is aware of it. The man recalls that in any case Days Gone is the best-selling Sony Bend game, however he does not skimp on comments on the criticisms received by the game, certainly greater than other major PlayStation Studios productions. The development costs, the criticisms received and the lack of a positive response from the critics, as Schreier stated, could be at the basis of the failure to confirm the sequel.

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