Deathloop is more ambitious than Dishonored 2, but on PS5 it will weigh very little

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Deathloop is the new title of Arkane, an associate of Bethesda and Microsoft but which, by agreements made before the acquisition by the American company, will publish its next game as an exclusive PS5 time console.

The creators of Prey, currently also working on Redfall, have had the opportunity to talk more about the project in recent days, leaving new details to the players.

The community looks forward to trying the new title of the talented studio, also because Deathloop it has been waiting for a long time; initially planned as one of the launch titles of PlayStation 5, the first-person shooter from the roguelike structure has in fact been postponed several times, however it seems that the September window will be respected.

The fact of having to work only on PS5, even now that Microsoft has become the new owner of the studio, has certainly not led to any upheaval, as Arkane has been working hard on this title for a long time. Deathloop is described as the most ambitious game created by the teammuch bigger and denser than one of Arkane’s biggest hits, Dishonored 2.

In a recent interview, the software house talked about the great advantages derived from the “abandonment” of PS4 and Xbox One, hardware now with many years on its shoulders and which cannot guarantee the new features of PS5 – without forgetting the PC, another platform on which the game will be launched in September.

Dinga Bakaba, director of Deathloop, for example pointed out that the transition to PS5 has allowed the game to be even more daring than in the past, and to achieve things that would not have been possible on the older generation consoles. There will not only be many new features derived from DualSense and new technologies, but also larger and more alive worlds.

There is also another great news. Bigger, in fact, does not mean that Deathloop will require a gargantuan memory on console and PC, but rather we will be faced with what could be a small miracle.

Currently, Deathloop requires just over 16GB of free SSD space, a figure in itself definitely surprising if we think that some games in circulation have broken through the 200 GB barrier even on next-gen consoles despite the new saving features thanks to SSDs. To this amount, however, a certain amount of GB will certainly be added for the day one patch, even if we expect that the total memory required will be around 20 GB.

Deathloop will be available from September 14 on PS5 and PC.

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