Deathloop – State of Play 10-minute gameplay video

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Nello State of Play last night, Bethesda and Arkane Lyon unveiled a new gameplay video of about 10 minutes of Deathloopthe brand new video game that will be released on September 14 on PS5 and PC.

In this new first person shooter gameplay, in which players are trapped in a timeloop with their worst enemy, the protagonist Colt is on the hunt for Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey, one of eight key targets to eliminate before the day begins again. .

In Deathloop there are many ways to reach and take down a target. This new look at the game gives players a taste of one of the ways to close the matter with the self-centered Aleksis.

In the final, moreover, with the mission almost completed, we can take a look at the curious dynamic linked to Julianna, Colt’s nemesis who can also be controlled by another player and which aims to stop the protagonist of Deathloop, restarting the cycle. .

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