Deathloop – The weapons on display in a new gameplay video

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Thanks to Game Informerwe can admire some of the weapons in action Deathloop in a new gameplay video of about 5 minutes.

Expected for May 21 on PlayStation 5 and PC, Deathloop is the new game from Arkane, the developers of Dishonored and Prey. From the videos that we have already been able to see of the game, and from the most recent video that you can see below, Deathloop will trace a large part of the immersive experience of the two games just mentioned, also showing off a renewed and deadly arsenal very useful for our race against the weather.

As we can see from the gameplay, it will range from traditional weapons such as the Machete, very useful for surprising enemies behind and sinking a deadly blow, to more atypical “guns” such as the PT-6 SPIKER, a nail gun that the protagonist can use to eliminate an enemy with a well-aimed blow and without making a noise.

In the video you can also see other more traditional weapons, such as the Undercity Bretheira sniper rifle and the double large-caliber Fourpounder pistols.

Deathloopwhich will be an exclusive PS5 console for a year despite Arkane having passed under the control of Microsoft a few days ago, will boast some exclusive features related to the Sony console’s DualSense controller.

In Deathloop, the protagonist Colt is stuck within a time loop and finds himself being the object of interest of numerous villains within the Blackreef island that is the backdrop to these events.

One way out of this loop, of course, exists: Colt has to kill eight targets, called Visionaries, before the clock strikes midnight, and therefore our mission will be to identify these targets and figure out the most suitable way to eliminate them. In the mission, however, he will be hindered by Julianna, a ruthless huntress who wants to prevent Colt from carrying out the mission and who thanks to a curious multiplayer dynamic she can also be played by another player.

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