Destiny 2 – The Witch Queen expansion has been postponed to 2022

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The rumor had been circulating for a few weeks, and today Bungie confirmed that the expansion of Destiny 2: The Witch Queenscheduled for autumn of this year, will not be released before 2022.

L’Beyond Light expansion, released in the fall 2020, was something of a soft reboot for Destiny 2, bringing a big change in its narrative and with some major gameplay changes.. With the announcement of Beyond Light, Bungie also unveiled the next two expansions, creating a new story arc for Destiny 2 that will culminate with Lightfall scheduled for 2022.

Most likely, Lightfall will also suffer a postponement in light of The Witch Queen’s slippage, but we can’t be sure at the moment. The only sure thing it is the new expansion planned for 2021 will not arrive until next year.

The news was given by Bungie itself through its blog, in which it talks about unforeseen circumstances in the world (the Coronavirus pandemic, of course) that caused inevitable delays and forced the developer to postpone:

Last summer we outlined our ambition for the next era in Destiny 2 by announcing the full story arc, starting with Beyond Light, followed by Witch Queen and Lightfall. When we started scaling production on The Witch Queen last year, we made the difficult but important decision to move its release to early 2022; we also realized that we needed to add an additional unannounced chapter after Lightfall to fully complete our first Destiny saga.

Destiny 2 players and fans will certainly be disappointed by the news, but the positive note is that the experience will continue even after Lightfall, as Bungie, as you have just read, has already stated that it has a fourth expansion planned to close the trend. current narrative.

In addition to employee health being put first, the study’s current priorities also include cross-play functionality.

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