Diablo 4 loses pieces, the game director and the lead designer leave Blizzard

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There is no sign of stopping the exodus in Blizzard following the serious series of allegations for sexual harassment and toxicity at work, and after President Allen Brack, who resigned earlier this month, now it’s up to Diablo 4 lose two important figures of reference.

Veteran developers of Blizzard Entertainment Luis Barriga And Jesse McCreerespectively game director and lead designer of the highly anticipated Diablo 4, they are no longer part of society. The news was previewed by Kotakuand subsequently Activision Blizzard confirmed the departure with a statement a Polygon.

The designer also reportedly by World of Warcraft Johnathan LeCraft left the company.

“We can confirm that Luis Barriga, Jesse McCree and Jonathan LeCraft are no longer with our company”an Activision Blizzard spokesperson said. “We already have a deep and talented roster of developers and, where appropriate, new leaders have been assigned. We are confident in our ability to continue to progress, deliver extraordinary experiences to our players and move forward to ensure a safe and productive work environment for all. “

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According to reports, Barriga, McCree and LeCraft have been removed from the internal employee directory Blizzard Entertainment. The images and developer profiles of Barriga and McCree were also removed from the Blizzard press website a few hours ago.

The reasons behind the farewell of the three historical developers, who have worked on important Blizzard franchises for years, remain to be clarified. The fact could be linked to the recent wave of scandals that hit Activision Blizzard, sued by the state of California after some former employees accused the company of promoting a toxic working environment and even sexual harassment with very serious consequences. In the weeks following the lawsuit, we also witnessed the protest of current Blizzard employees in front of the offices of the Irvine headquarters.

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