Dive Esports and Dolly Noire together in the name of Italian creativity

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We receive and publish a rich press release in which Dive Esports and Dolly Noire announce a new partnership for an influencer marketing campaign.

Here are more details:

Dive Esportsa company specializing in the field of esports and media, and Dolly Noire, the brand born in Milan in 2013, today announce the launch of a collaboration thanks to which both realities will be able to approach new audiences and grow together thanks to the different experiences gained over the years. In particular, the activities conceived by Dive will allow to generate traffic towards Dolly Noire’s e-commerce, through call-to-action and talent activations targeted.

There influencer marketing campaign, based on a careful selection of creators to be involved by virtue of their communities and the best timing for the activation of their channels, will see the activation of the profiles of Piz, famous pro-player and streamer of Fortnite, on the occasion of the launch of the his tournament – the Piz Cup – open to the Italian community. On this occasion, Dolly Noire will be her streetwear partnerto capitalize on the peak of attention on Piz through dedicated content, ensuring that its community connects the event to the brand both in the communication phase and in the memory of the experience.

“The organization of tournaments dedicated to the most famous personalities of the community on Fortnite is now common, in this case, however, we want to take a further step forward in using it as a communication tool available to brands”, he comments Massimiliano Rossi, co-founder of Dive Esports. “In this case the event becomes a unique opportunity, a competition that will allow players to test themselves during a ‘limited edition’ event and at the same time Dolly Noire to leverage on a memorable and unrepeatable experience, which differs from standard competitions and generates a market story, to reach the desired target “.

At the same time, Giuse360 (FIFA streamer, a fan of the Dragon Ball saga) and Volpescu (an expert manga streamer, who uses Twitch for sessions dedicated to Dragon Ball and the whole Japanese world) will from sounding board to activity through contents linked to the common passion for the saga of the now famous Son Goku, which they will share on Twitch and on their social profiles to put Dolly Noire in touch with their communities.

“Dive Esports has guided us in the construction of a strategy designed to intercept the new generations in particular thanks to Twitch, a platform that today is managing to attract an increasingly transversal audience and that will help us to intercept a demographic target that, as also demonstrated by several recent studies, it is increasingly elusive, ”he adds Daniele Crepaldi, brand manager and founder of Dolly Noire. “We believe that the union between the expertise in the use of new social media and our experience in the streetwear and lifestyle fields will lead to a collaboration that will allow both of us to give even more prominence to talent and excellence in the future”.

The campaign will end on 13 May.

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