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We were invited to participate in two lectures of the DBGA Online Blendeda new proposal from Digital Bros Game Academy, dedicated to those who want to acquire the skills necessary for work in the sector of digital entertainment and invideo game industry. The pandemic situation and the evolution of the labor market have pushed DBGA to expand its training offer, introducing a online course reflecting both the needs of students looking for ways of learning short And accessible, that those of the labor market, which requires professional figures with certain skill already acquired and ready to be used.

DBGA Online Blended is set to mode blended learningthat is, through a method of blended learningwho is able to combine traditional lectures in the classroom with the means of digital training, bringing significant benefits for students, such as a high level of involvement and an increase in interactions between comrades and decent people. The DBGA model is based exclusively on e-learning and the training takes place in a completely digital environment, through the experience learning platform Intellego. Thanks to Intellego, DBGA is able to replicate many of the Academy’s activities that take place in the presence, allowing students to experience aexperience engaging like what can be obtained in the classroom. The platform will be useful for learning skills through video lessons and to put into practice what has been acquired, both in autonomy that in team, working on different projects. Intellego also allows users to access lessons and content in a simple way and also in modality asynchronous: this makes the offer of DBGA Online Blended suitable for those who want to reconcile training with their own life and work rhythms.

The first courses that make up the DBGA Online Blended offer are the Game Design and of Game Programmingwithin which there are two distinct floors:

  • Plan Foundationlasting 6 months (price € 2,900, excluding VAT)
  • Plan Professionallasting 10 months (price € 4,100, excluding VAT)

Students will be guided by international professionals of the industry with great experience in the development of AAA games. Derek Hartin And Matt Sharpe, veterans of the industry, hold the roles of Core Trainer for the Game Design and Game Programming course respectively. The courses will be in English, and will therefore allow students to improve their skills by learning the technical language used within the videogame industry, to prepare themselves accordingly for the global market. The inscriptions to DBGA Online Blended courses they will close on 21 June 2021. Let us know if you intend to register and, for more information, we refer you to the official page of the course.

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