Does Square Enix prepare spin-offs of Final Fantasy 7 Remake? 3 registered trademarks appear

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The second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development, but according to recent discoveries, Square Enix may surprise fans of the saga with some surprise products…

It was late last year when Yoshinori Kitase spoke again about the ambitious revisiting project of Final Fantasy 7, the first piece of which came in spring with the launch of the Remake on PS4. The historic producer, who together with Tetsuya Nomura managed to give life to a project that the two had in mind for many years, confided that the journey, for FF7R, is only at the beginning, and that the future would hold surprises for the fans for a long time.

But while Final Fantasy fans had now resigned themselves to not having news about the franchise in the course of 2021, here a few days before the beginning of the new year comes a series of leaks that could anticipate big surprises for Final Fantasy VII.

In the second half of December 2020, as it turned out today, Square Enix has in fact registered three new brands that definitely seem to have something to do with the game in question, and which, according to the first theories, they could indicate some particular spin-offs coming soon to prepare the ground for the impressive Part 2.

The brands in question are called Ever Crisis, The First Soldier And ShinRa Electric Power Companynames that will surely bring back the events and characters of the franchise to the fans of the series.

Ever Crisispotential title of a spin-off, clearly recalls two spin-offs of the original Final Fantasy VII, in particular Before Crisis (released in 2004 on phones) and Crisis Core (2007, on PSP, a game that has recently been talked about thanks to a group of fans who are making a remastered one).

The First Soldier it could be a reference to the villain of the game, Sephirothwhile the third brand obviously concerns the corporation that dominates Midgar in the world of FF7.

Those concerning the spin-offs are obviously only theories, but in the past Nomura had hypothesized that Final Fantasy VII Remake could have embraced a model made up of more contained and closer games in time. The idea of ​​also exploring other iconic characters and places is not at all to be discarded: what happened at the end of the 2020 game has in fact opened up to numerous scenarios, and made us understand that Nomura and Kitase could use many elements of the universe expanded.

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