DOOM 3 VR Edition is available today on PlayStation VR

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DOOM 3: VR Edition is available from today on PlayStation VR. Developed by Archiact in collaboration with id Software, DOOM 3: VR Edition transform id Software’s action / horror shooter into a thrilling VR experience.

Here are the details on the game in the press release released by Bethesda.

The complete and improved DOOM 3 experience
Complete with the base game and the two DOOM 3 expansions (Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission), DOOM 3: VR Edition revives id Software’s classic horror shooter with PS VR technology. Uncover the truth behind the dark UAC experiments, face demonic creatures in terrifying environments, and harness an arsenal of iconic weapons enhanced with new textures, graphics and sound effects, as you try to survive the battle against the forces of Hell in over 15 hours of heart-pounding action.
Optimized for VR
Immerse yourself in terror even further with enhancements made for virtual reality, which include tracking of head movements to peek around corners, free aiming of torch-equipped weapons, functionality to quickly turn 180 ° to neutralize demons that try to surprise you from behind and a wrist display to monitor the protagonist’s health, armor and ammunition.

Aim controller support
Manage a powerful arsenal to exterminate demons with full support for aim controllers. Use the accuracy of the aim controller to land lethal headshots, check around corners by leaning, shoot blindly from behind cover and dodge attacks without ever removing your finger from the trigger.

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