Dying Light 2 has been postponed

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Bad news for gamers eagerly awaiting Dying Light 2who, after the various postponements that the game has undergone in the last year, have to deal with another hitch.

A few minutes ago, on the official Twitter account of Dying Light 2the developers have announced that they have postponed the issue of the title al February 4, 2022. The reasons given by CEO Paweł Marchewka tell us that the testing period of Dying Light 2 is moving forward beyond the expected, and to avoid releasing a game with serious flaws the developers prefer to postpone.

We leave you the tweet mentioned above below.

However, in the press release it was written that the Press ei content creator will be able to try the title as early as next month, and they will be able to share different material with the public. This postponement, even unexpected, was certainly not taken well by fans of the series, but we hope that it can really serve in order to have a finished product in your hands.

Dying Light 2 will present some interesting news compared to the first chapter, which we have told you here.

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