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There are now just over three months left until the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human and, on the occasion of gamescomTechland made the third episode of Dying 2 Know, the series in which developers update fans directly, through exclusive gameplay, team interviews and much more. Let’s see together the most important things that have been shown.

How to get around in Villedor

According to Smektala, game designer at Dying Light, it is extremely difficult to move around the city, as the entire streets have now been conquered by the infected. The only way is to give vent to your own fantasy climbing the buildings and jumping the different obstacles that will present themselves in front. This, according to the developer, is the best option for exploring the world of Dying Light 2.

Parkour and creative combat

According to Kowalczuk, senior game programmer, even the tallest structures will no longer be an obstacle but a useful tool for making parkour in Dying Light 2. The mechanics of parkour won’t be the same as in the first chapter, but they were rebuilt from scratch taking everything Dying Light 1 had left. Thanks to hundreds of new animations, the player will be “almost able to physically feel every movement while climbing buildings“. The parkour system, in addition to being extremely effective for moving through the streets of the city, is a highly valid means of fighting enemies, infected and not.

We think we have created a something special and we can’t wait to see how players react to all of this“. Matt Courtois, the one who took care of the animations in Dying Light 2, advises players to mix parkour with combatto be as creative as possible, because the title was developed in such a way as to make survival possible only for those who manage to exploit the environmental elements and mechanics of parkour.

They have been used over 3,000 animations to make the movement fluid and allow the use of dozens of skills that can be combined with each other: in this way, everyone can have the own style of play.

Musial, the weapons designer in Dying Light 2, explains how now, since the apocalypse has started for some time, there is nothing more to steal in the shops, and therefore the weapons must be created with what is found. This is why the approx 200 weapons present in the game all have a story and, only looking at them, you can understand from where, who created them, recovered the pieces: in a museum, in a military shop, in a landfill… In short, in Villedor every object is good for trying to survive. Furthermore, starting from the basic shape of the weapon, it will be possible to make changes for to improve both the defensive and the offensive aspects.

Choose your own path

In Dying Light 2 they will be present three factions:

  • THE surivors, of the survivors able to adapt to any circumstance and in any place.
  • THE peacekeepers (“Peacemakers”), gods soldiers strongly linked to justice, who will do everything to enforce the law, or what remains of it, in Villedor.
  • THE renegades, former prisoners violent with a single purpose: to kill and to make people suffer.

The development of the story and the way in which missions are approached will be affected from the faction that you will choose to to support: for example, survivors prefer to exploit a lot of i roofs to avoid the dangers that lurk in the streets of the city. In this sense, they will be able to provide the player with useful parkour tools such as springboards And shock absorbers to facilitate the fall from great heights. THE peacekeepers, instead, they prefer to stay in Street and exploit the elements of this to overcome the infected.

The developers have finally decided to leave everything else to the players: in the world of Dying Light 2 there will be easter eggs, special weapons, special encounters and other goodies to be discovered. In case you are interested, we leave you the video of the third episode of Dying 2 Know below.

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