Dying Light 2 will allow you to create and use around 200 different weapons!

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After the recent postponement of Dying Light 2 to 2022, Techland herself tries to lift the spirits of the eagerly awaited fans thanks to the new episode of the column Dying 2 Know Morein which the developers go to talk more specifically about the story, mechanics and gameplay of Dying Light 2.

In this episode, Techland pays attention primarily about weapons and their crafting system. In particular, it is explained how the world has drastically changed compared to what was seen in the first chapter of Dying Light, if in fact before it was still possible to find conventional weapons such as machetes, baseball bats or hammers, in this new chapter even the simplest instruments of death will have to be made by oneself since pre-built weapons are a rarity and are now unavailable.

Furthermore, the weapons that will be built will be more or less resistant according to the rarity of materials with which these are created, so it could also happen to build many poor quality weapons that, breaking more easily, would risk leaving us completely disarmed right in the middle of fighting a group of particularly powerful infected.

Finally it was confirmed that within the game it will be possible to build approximately 200 weapons and that many of these can only be discovered by experimenting with many different combinations, in order to create, step by step, your own definitive set of weapons with which to make your way through hordes of infected and rival clans.

We remember that Dying Light 2 will be released on February 4, 2022 and that the game is already pre-orderable from Amazon.

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