EA changes business strategy and fires 775 people

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Electronic Arts has recently made a drastic decision regarding the availability of certain historical titles (such as Battlefield), but it seems that this internal revolution has not been limited only to software.

In fact, very few hours ago, EA announced the dismissal of the 6% of total employees (equal to 775 people) following a corporate restructuring. According to what reported by the American publisher, the current will is in fact that of concentrate resources towards new growth opportunities, as well as on its biggest IPs and titles with a strong narrative component.

This provision was followed by an official communication from the CEO Andrew Wilsonwho explained the decision thus:

As we focus more on our portfolio, we have decided to exit projects that do not contribute to our strategy, re-evaluate our real estate assets, and restructure some of our teams. This is the hard part, and we are working on it with the utmost care and respect. Where possible, we are offering our colleagues the opportunity to transfer to other projects. Where it isn’t, we are securing liquidation and further benefits such as health care and career transition services.

What can I say, undoubtedly a profound revolution within the company which, according to the leaked figures, it should cost between 170 and 200 million dollars, and see its run completed in September.

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