Enough stereotypes, videogames can be excellent allies to keep fit

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Too often the local press has accused videogames as strange devilry that create addiction, move away from reality and social life, relegating young people to a miserable, lonely, unhealthy life.

Underlining that, in any case, video game addiction exists and is a problem in several of the most developed countries in the world, including Italy, we should increasingly reduce the stereotype of the chronic gamerunsociable, male, overweight and disconnected from the real world.

The Corriere della Serawho recently published an interesting article regarding the benefits a gaming session can have.

The well-known newspaper reports that Stakesterthe world’s analytics platform eSporthas made a thorough study that video games not only help improve visual-spatial and problem-solving skillsbut they are also useful for lose weight. In fact, with two hours of play you can burn about 420 calories for men and 470 for women, thus facing an intense physical effort such as a nice abdominal session in the gym. The most passionate gamers know well that a demanding game can really leave you… breathless!

The researchers came to this conclusion by monitoring the heart rate and calorie consumption of a mixed sample of 50 players during 2 hour game sessions: in particular, we focused on the very popular FIFA And Warzone: Competition in these games helps you burn more calories than you would expect.

Videogames are therefore not always to be demonized as a contributing cause of the development of an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Also there Queensland University of Technology (QUT) had previously commented on this, conducting a similar study on 1,400 players from 65 different countries, revealing that these have up to 21% more likely to have a healthier body weight in relation to the average population. Gamers on average also smoke and drink much less than other citizens: this passion, in fact, increasingly like a real sport, helps to keep fit both physically and mentally, if it does not become an addiction.

Long live videogames and long live eSports!

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