Epic Games Store gives you Star Wars: Battlefront II, here’s how to redeem it!

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Since “free”Is a word that we like, even more so when it comes to high-profile titles, we can’t help but tell you this good news.

Epic Games Store gift to all users today Star Wars: Battlefront II Celebration Editionthe special edition of the DICE shooter originally released in 2017 that includes numerous customization content such as skins, emotes and much more.

In the unlikely event that you don’t know what it is, here’s how much. Star Wars: Battlefront II is a rich shooter from DICE, the creators of Battlefield, in which we are called to a series of intense combat in the most disparate corners of the Star Wars galaxy. From the wastelands of Tatooine to the ice wastes of Hoth, Battlefront II is a gigantic compendium of content from the entire Skywalker Saga, initially much criticized due to its microtransaction system but which over time has become one of the most interesting products on the FPS landscape.

So if you are looking for a good shooter, and we can assure you that Battlefront II meets your need, there is nothing left to do but run to redeem the game.

To do this, simply enter the Epic Games Store with your account – or create one, if you don’t have one – and redeem the game in the on the product page. By doing this, Star Wars: Battlefront II will be yours forever via the Epic Games launcher.

You have time from today, January 15th, until Thursday, January 21st to redeem the game.

If you follow us, you will surely know that these have been very busy days for Star Wars video games. Disney and EA have in fact closed their exclusivity agreement early, and this has led to the surprising announcement of Ubisoft to work on an open world dedicated to the franchise.

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