Epic Games Store in red, over 450 million dollars lost in two years

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The aggressive formula of Epic Games is it paying off for your digital store? We are not so sure.

A series of documents filed in court, as part of the continuous diatribe between Epic Games and Apple for the well-known management of microtransactions by Fortniterevealed some new interesting details on the software house and especially on its proprietary store, Epic Games Store.

According to the documentation, Epic Games Store has the accounts largely in the redhaving lost about 181 million and 273 million dollars respectively in 2019 and 2020. In two years, therefore, the store of the creators of Fortnite generated more than $ 450 million in losses.

Epic Games expects, following the latest financial reasoning, that its store will start making a profit in 2023, even if this sounds like a very optimistic forecast despite the high interest in the platform from the public – there are more than 160 million. registered users, and more than 56 are active monthly.

EGS has to deal with more challenges, financially and successfully. The first concerns the service in general, currently still backward in terms of functionality compared to the much more established Steam. Epic Games has then undertaken a very aggressive policy over the years, giving away many games to users without asking for anything in return. In addition, the software house has welcomed numerous titles in exclusive time for EGS – we mention Borderland 3, Godfall and the recent arrival of the entire Kingdom Hearts saga -, and is also embarking on the road to become a publisher having already made multimillion-dollar agreements with Remedy and Fumito Ueda’s new studio.

We therefore do not know if Epic Games Store will generate profits starting from 2023, because at the moment the situation does not seem particularly rosy for the platform.

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