Epic Games sues Apple and Google in the UK

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Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most important events that characterized the videogame world during the last year was the long battle that saw us as protagonists Epic Games, Apple And Google. As you well know, the creators of Fortnite they tried to “skip” the payment of commissions that any application has to make for transactions in the App Store, and so on Apple has removed the battle-royale from the platform.

This whole story had to go through several stages, during which there were accusations from one and the other, lawsuits and many other problems which, according to the judges who dealt with the judgment in the United States, they could also strike Microsoft, Nintendo And Sony. We still don’t know how it will turn out, but now let’s add another page to the story. As reported by GamesIndustry, in fact, Epic Games will sue Apple and Google in the UK.

Epic confirmed to the media that he will file the next complaint January 21stin front of Competition Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom. According to the creators of Gears of War, Apple and Google “they have abused of their dominant position [nel mercato] and have engaged in agreements and concerted practices anticompetitive“, Both in the UK and in the European Union.

Epic Games’ main focus is that Fortnite returns to be available in all digital stores and that, through these, it is possible to carry out direct payments. We await further information, which will certainly be available starting from the sentence which will take place in just four days.

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