Everspace 2 finally has a release date

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A new trailer has just been released Everspace 2which also formalizes the release date of the Early Access: December 2020. Initially the title was supposed to come out in September but, due to complications given by the COVID-19 pandemic, it had been postponed.

The first game of Everspace is a roguelike space combat game, while the sequel was designed as a open world which always has “space” conflicts and clashes as its central theme. The developers of Rockfish Games they stated that this is “the title set in space that we have always dreamed of, but that we could never realize due to the budget.” Below is the trailer, and we remind you that the free demo is available on Steam in case you are interested.

The gameplay clips featured in the video show us vast sci-fi environments, from exploding planets to asteroid showers and wrecked spaceships to floating cities. Several sequences have been revealed in both Before that in third person, with the ships trying to avoid natural obstacles and colliding to the last laser beam.

We therefore remind you that Everspace 2 will be released in Early Access on Steam in December 2020, while the final version will also arrive on PlayStation 4 And Xbox One during 2021.

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