Fall Guys is a success: the most downloaded ever among those offered with PS Plus

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The super hit of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to expand on all fronts. Not only in the enormous amount of players connected every day, not only in the irony and social appreciation, but also in the records.

Fall Guys: here is the date of the reveal of Season 2

The clumsy and fun battle royale published by Devolver Digital and developed by Mediatonic, in fact, recorded the highest number of downloads of a game from the free monthly line-up that is offered to players for subscription PlayStation Plus. To communicate the news is the same official account of Playstation in addition to congratulations. This is nothing less than the most successful launch for Devolver which has certainly hit the mark by picking up an idea which, moreover, was rejected by several publishers of the videogame scene. Now, at the dawn of Season 2, these little big satisfactions are excellent advertising. A second season from which we still don’t know what to expect, if not a ton of new mini-games and fun.

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