Fallout – Amazon’s TV Series Will Be “Crazy and Fun”

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You may not remember it, given the total lack of updates, but just over a year ago Bethesda and Amazon officially announced thelive action adaptation of Fallout in a TV series. Today, through Colliderlet’s find out more about the project.

The Fallout TV series is developed by Lucy Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the masterminds behind the series Westworld of HBO, and during some recent interviews she was the first of the two to share some initial information on the adaptation and on how the approach to Fallout will be addressed.

In an interview dedicated to Reminiscence, A new film starring Hugh Jackman serving as Joy’s directorial debut, the producer also briefly talked about the Fallout series, stating that the show will be unlike anything she has ever seen before.

“He’s insane, crazy, fun, adventurous and out of his mind like none you’ve ever seen before”Joy said. “It’s very beautiful.

Seeing these adjectives associated with the Fallout series is certainly a surprise, and from how the project has been described, it looks like we might see something more akin to the Borderlands philosophy than the real Bethesda video game series.

What do you think of these statements? Are you also waiting for the Fallout TV series?

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