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Far Cry 6 postponed to a later date. This is the announcement that Ubisoft made last October, also revealing that Rainbow Six: Quarantine would also have slipped forward. But when will the French giant’s new open world arrive?

The new chapter of the Far Cry series was initially scheduled for launch on February 18, 2021, but due to development delays mainly due to the global health situation, Ubisoft decided to postpone the arrival of the new game in the series.. But when will it arrive? Today an alleged release date has popped up on the net, actually quite plausible.

The dealer Proxis entered a new release date for Far Cry 6, which we can find in the product description. The Belgian retailer says the game will launch within the first half of the year, specifically the April 30, 2021. This same date is listed in all versions of the game that appear for sale on the store’s website.

Obviously it could be a simple placeholder, where retailers insert hypothetical launch dates within their price lists. However, April 30 is a credible date, considering also that it will be a Friday, a day historically full of releases for the big blockbusters.

Furthermore, this date is also after the conclusion of Ubisoft’s current fiscal year, and this would confirm Ubisoft’s intentions to release the game in fiscal year 2022, which will start on April 1, 2021.

We haven’t seen it yet Far Cry 6 in action, but Ubisoft has already released several details about the game. For example, we know that it will be the first game of the series with a city setting, which will have third-person cutscenes that will also show our character, and that, and this has caused a lot of discussion on our territory, it will not have dubbing in Italian.

The role of the villain of this game will be entrusted to the actor Giancarlo Esposito, whom we have seen in some iconic roles on TV in recent years: Gus Fring in breaking BadMoff Gideon in The Mandalorian. The actor also participated in Once Upon a Time And Maze Runnerand he’s no stranger to video games having lent his voice to a Payday 2 character.

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