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After the first gameplay of Far Cry 6 shown last May 28, Ubisoft has decided to propose an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on ​​Reddit to answer as many questions as possible about the game.

Reddit users weren’t long in coming and in a short time they literally have submerged question developers, here are some of the most interesting ones:

“Will stealth takedowns also return in Far Cry 6?”

The developers have ensured that not only will the stealth takedowns return, but they will also do so with a whole host of new animations, after all, the takedowns and stealth phases represent one of the many souls of Far Cry that you certainly can’t do without.

“Will the weapons have a level system like in Far Cry New Dawn?”

This time the answer was almost reassuring given the low sales and mechanics of Far Cry New Dawn not exactly very successful. So no, the weapons will not have a level progression system, so Far Cry 6 will keep the characteristics of the main saga intact and will not take advantage of the mechanics of the spin-offs.

“Will Hurk also appear in Far Cry 6?”

The developers themselves recognize that Hurk is now a legendary figure within the Far Cry universe, however this time they preferred to give more space to the characters of Yara and its revolutionary ecosystem. So unfortunately Hurk will not be there.

“Will the Far Cry 5 ending affect the story and the game world?”

Given the “explosive” ending of Far Cry 5, it is more than legitimate to ask this question, to avoid spoilers, however, we will not say more. In any case, the developers have explained that for them each Far Cry is part of a universe of its own, albeit with some weak connection, as in the case of the aforementioned character of Hurk. So apparently no, Far Cry 5’s ending won’t affect Yara and the lives of its inhabitants in any way.

“Will the map editor also return in Far Cry 6?”

Unfortunately in this case the response of the developers was quite dry, in fact they declared that the Arcade mode will not return. They also explain how this was a very difficult choice to make also because it was a very loved mode by the players, however they preferred “Concentrate all efforts on the main campaign”in such a way as to best transport players to the heart of a modern revolution.

“Will there be the wingsuit and the grappling hook like in the previous Far Cry?”

This is probably one of the most popular questions, after all the wingsuit is a constant in the Far Cry saga. Fortunately, the answer is yes, the grappling hook and the wingsuit will return, however the developers are keen to point out that the latter “it will not be served on a silver platter ”.

“Will Far Cry 6 also support DualSense?”

An enthusiastic yes is the answer to this question. Despite this, the developers have not been able to expose themselves too much and have limited themselves to saying that the owners of the PS5 will be satisfied.

“Will it be possible to play co-op with friends?”

Far Cry 6 will support the same co-op system present in both Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn, so it will be possible to tackle the entire story in the company of a friend, but the progress made will only apply to the host of the game.

“Will random events around the map return?”

The developers confirm the return of these events and are keen to point out that they will be much more varied and articulated than in the past. To give an example, the player will be able to run into militants of the Castillo regime engaged in preparing an ambush, and then it will be up to the player to oppose to thwart their plans.

“And what about the fauna? Will it be possible to hunt like in the previous Far Cry? “

As we know hunting is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Far Cry saga, for this reason it could not be missing even in this new chapter. As in the previous games of the franchise, hunting will be useful to the player for various reasons such as for crafting, or more simply to make some money by selling meat and skins.

“How will the third person phases work?”

This question concerns the first real novelty of Far Cry 6, in fact it was announced that in certain phases of the game the view will switch from the first to the third person. Unfortunately, not much else has been said by the developers, except that this variation will happen once you enter the camps, where it will be possible to observe the protagonist in its entirety and customize it as you prefer.

This LOVES proposed by Ubisoft was certainly an excellent opportunity to learn more about the mechanics of the game that were not shown in the first gameplay trailer. Despite this the developers themselves reassure us stating that there is still much more to see and that what has been shown so far is only a small part.

Far Cry 6 is scheduled for release on October 7, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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