“Far Cry 6 will be super solid on old-gen,” says Ubisoft’s World Director

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The period between one generation of consoles and the next it is never easy for developers, who in most cases have to try to please not only owners of the current generation, but also those of the just outdated console generation.

For this reason, taking into consideration that the games are developed according to the greater power offered by the new machines, the old-gen versions some titles fail to maintain certain quality standards. However it appears that this will not be the case with Far Cry 6in fact Ben Hall, World Director of Ubisoft Toronto, made it clear in an interview that the team working on Far Cry 6 is working hard to make the game “Super-solid” on the older generation of consoles, so as not to affect the quality of the content within the title.

Despite this, the two versions of the game will certainly feature big differences, attributable to the greater power offered by the new generation of consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions, in fact, can boast one 4K resolution at 60fps, high definition texture packs and considerably reduced loading times. In any case, it is nice to note that the limitations on the old generation consoles will be exclusively technical, so no cuts will be made to the contents of the game, which, according to Hall’s words, will be easily enjoyable also on PS4 and Xbox One.

We also remind you that Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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