Far Cry 7 would still be a long way off, for a leaker

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After the fresh update for the fifth chapter of the Far Cry saga, many users have rightly begun to ask themselves the question of the next chapter of the successful franchise made in Ubisoft.

In fact, a year and a half after the release of Far Cry 6, no clues have so far been raised relating to the brand’s seventh (hypothetical) game. Well, the insider workaholic ScriptLeaksR6 has recently given some information about it (after those dedicated to AC Mirage and Avatar).

According to what was reported by the dataminer, the development of Far Cry 7 would not have even started yet, and this information would be in contrast with that externalized at the beginning of the year by Tom Henderson, also considered a reliable source in the industry. The latter had in fact stated that Ubisoft is currently working on two projects for the saga: one single player and another intended solely for the multiplayer sector.

ScriptLeaksR6 responded to this objection by saying that, despite the validity of the projects externalized by Henderson, the development of these would not have officially started yet.


Although it has often proved to be reliable, obviously we must also in this case take the Script information as a mere rumor, waiting for more well-founded communications (and proven by images, perhaps). However, it is possible that the French company is currently engaged in an internal reorganization regarding development plans, especially after the recent events that are anything but positive. Who knows, maybe we’ll know more in the next Ubisoft Forward Live, scheduled for June.

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