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One of the aspects to which players Playstation coveted is the trophies factor, collectors in particular.
Let’s find out together what it will be the listrecently published on PSN Profiles, of FIFA 21 trophies.

Collectively we are talking about a number of awards largely related to VOLTA and Ultimate Teamplus something minor concerning Pro Clubs, Careeretc.
In particular we talk about 36+1 goals to complete, of which: 3 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronzeplus obviously the platinum.
Right away the complete list of the trophies needed to complete the game 100%.

  • Trophies? All OK (Platinum)
    Unlock all other trophies (excluding add-on content trophies)
  • Star Parade (Silver)
    Recruit 4 Stars in VOLTA FOOTBALL
  • Fever at 90 (Silver)
    Reach OVR 90 with your avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • End of History (Bronze)
    Complete “The Debut”
  • Freestyler (Silver)
    Complete all VOLTA Skill Games
  • The Good Vault (Gold)
    Reach Division 3 in Rose VOLTA
  • KEYSTONE (Bronze)
    Win a Rose VOLTA match together with 3 other users
  • Divine Punishment (Bronze)
    Score a goal from a free kick.
  • Glacial (Bronze)
    Win a match on penalties without missing a single one
  • Perfectionist (Bronze)
    Complete all Skill Games in the Main Menu.
  • Focus is everything (Bronze)
    Score a goal from a cross using Snap Player.
  • Yes… it can… doee! (Bronze)
    Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Tactical Prowess (Bronze)
    Create your own tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • House specialty (Bronze)
    Play a match using any special rules in FUT Friendlies
  • Do not pass (Bronze)
    Keep a clean sheet in 10 Squad Battles FUT matches
  • Pair of Aces (Bronze)
    Win a co-op match with a friend online in Squad Battles or Division Rivals FUT mode
  • Business Partner (Silver)
    Play 10 co-op matches with friends online in Squad Battles or Division Rivals FUT mode
  • Theater of Dreams (Bronze)
    Customize your FUT stadium by activating at least 20 decorative items at the same time
  • Last Stage (Silver)
    Unlock the Tier 3 Stadium in FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Fan Idol (Silver)
    Cross the 200 appearances milestone with a single player in FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Football of the greats (Silver)
    Earn 2,000 FUT Champions Points to qualify for your first FUT Champions Weekend League
  • Division is strength (Gold)
    Play a match in Division 4 or higher in Division Rivals FUT mode
  • Look what achievements (Silver)
    Complete two sets of achievements in FIFA Ultimate Team
  • The road to success (Silver)
    Unlock all features of a skill branch in Pro Clubs
  • It’s Only the Beginning (Bronze)
    Complete and win your first league match in Pro Club Seasons mode
  • Pro Club Rules (Silver)
    Play and complete a cup match with Special Rules in Pro Clubs
  • Specialist (Silver)
    Unlock a specialty in Pro Clubs
  • Leave it to me (Silver)
    Take the field during a simulated match in Career mode and win
  • It’s time for a change (Silver)
    Change a player’s role in Career Mode
  • Presentialist (Bronze)
    Attend a pre- and post-game press conference
  • Polished (Silver)
    Score at least one goal in a Career Mode match with a player of maximum clarity
  • Now you are with us! (Silver)
    Buy outright a loaned player in Career mode
  • AAA Wanted (Silver)
    Get an A rating in 5 different exercises in Career mode
  • European Glory (Silver)
    Win the UEFA Europa League Final
  • Legend (Gold)
    Win the UEFA Champions League Final
  • Friends-Enemies (Bronze)
    Play 5 head-to-head matches with a friend in Kick-Off mode
  • Squad Odds (Bronze)
    Play a match with the women’s national teams

We remember that FIFA 21 will be released on October 9, 2020 on current platforms and on next-gen to the expected release within the next few months for both consoles, thanks also to the function of transferring saves from PS4/Xbox One to PS5/Xbox Series X and Series S.

How do you like these trophies? Are they doable or too complex?

Thanks for reading!

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