FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: the SBC for the Icons are back! Here are the benefits of EA Play

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A few minutes ago, thanks to Pitch Notes published by Electronic Artswe are now aware that the Squad Building Challenges dedicated to Icons (idea abandoned after FIFA 19) will return in all their glory.

This type of challenge involves obtaining certain Icons after an exchange with one or more teams of evaluations equal to the in-game value of the card concerned.
Here are the notes on pre-launch content and eventsdedicated to:

  • Achievements with the ability to redeem an exclusive pack as an Early Access reward, which includes a player with OVR 80-84 not exchangeable and a 10-game loan Team of the Week (TOTW) player;
  • The first TOTW extension will have the best players in the world of football as protagonists, available for a limited period of time (and not the best of the past week, as will happen from the second onwards);
  • plus more time in season 1, the members of EA Play they will also receive a Season XP Boost to help them reach the level 30 rewards;
  • Access to FUT friendlies live with the Tri-Nations themed FUT Friendly Challenge;
  • The first opportunity to take advantage of early events with a head start in the community goals playing against the CPU. Completing them will unlock an untradeable Prime Electrum Players Pack.

The challenges to get the Icons, they will be introduced towards the end of November and will have a limited duration (however long it is), even in the past they were generally left available for a few weeks.
We also know that some of these challenges may also require more Icons. The champions who will have the honor of having their own carte blanche will be divided into 4 different versionsas has been the case for some years now, and available for a limited time in the packs: Baby (until mid-December), medium (until mid-February), First (December until the end of FUT) e moments (from February to the end of the game, also).

FIFA 21 will be released on October 9, 2020 on current platforms and on next-gen at the release scheduled for November, thanks also to the Dual Entitlementi.e. the transferring saves from PS4/Xbox One to PS5/Xbox Series X|Series S.

What do you think? Will you take advantage of the Icon SBCs?

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