FIFA 21 Ultimate Team – The TOTY are available: the best players of the year

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Entering the weekend, we also enter the classic time of the year that thrills the community of the most famous football game in the world: the TOTY they made an appearance on FIFA 21.

As usual, these special cards are among the most coveted thanks to their much improved statistics compared to normal and start Ultimate Team towards the innovation of new types of players who will surround the events inserted by Electronic Arts.

We already have a preview at the time of this team of the year, having only been introduced the limited-time strikers (but which will return as soon as the full team is unlocked) and which are respectively: Mbappé 97, Cristiano Ronaldo 98 and Lewandoski 98; the rest of the players arriving in the next few days are made up of:

  • Bruno Fernandes 97
  • De Bruyne 96
  • Kimmich 96
  • Davies 93
  • Sergio Ramos 96
  • Van Dijk 96
  • Alexander-Arnold 94
  • Neuer 96

The article will be updated as we discover the annual sample ratings.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the choice of the community?

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